In-game Rules

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In-game Rules

Post by LS-STEETZ on Mon May 11, 2015 11:32 pm


[size=medium]San Andreas State Troopers - Application[/size][/align]

[size=medium]General Information[/size]

First name: [size=-2]Answer here[/size]
Last name: [size=-2]Answer here[/size]
Gender: [size=-2]Answer here[/size]
Date of birth: [size=-2]Answer here[/size]

Phone number(s): [size=-2]Answer here[/size]
Present address(es): [size=-2]Answer here[/size]

List the licenses that you currently hold:

[size=-2]Answer here[/size]

List all San Andreas government agencies you have previously worked for (if none, leave this field blank):

[size=-2]Answer here[/size]
[size=medium]Motivational Statement[/size]

Why do you want to join the San Andreas State Troopers? (100 words minimum)

[size=-2]Answer here[/size]

Why do you want to become paramedic? (100 words minimum)

[size=-2]Answer here[/size]

Why should we choose you over other applicants? (100 words minimum)

[size=-2]Answer here[/size]
[size=medium]Applicant's Statement[/size]

I, full name, hereby agree that all above information is true, and that any attempts to falsify or copy will lead to a blacklist from the department. I agree to any background checks performed in regards to my recruitment.
[size=medium](( Out of Character ))[/size]

In game Level: [size=-2]Answer here[/size]

Time zone: [size=-2]Answer here[/size]

Can you communicate effectively in English?: [size=-2]Answer here[/size]

How many hours per week can you commit to the SAST?: [size=-2]Answer here[/size]


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